HackCity (a student-run hackathon at City, University of London) is welcoming students from all over the world for a weekend of hacking, workshops and fun!


You must have a ticket to attend HackCity18. Any attendees must be 18 or over and be a student with a valid student ID. Teams must have 4 or less people to be eligable for prizes. 

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HackCity18 overall Best Hack

Accenture - Best Ethical / ‘For Good’ Hack

Build the best hack that highlights technology and/or business considerations on doing something beneficial for any subset of society

Cisco - Cisco Spark Collaboration Challenge

Using Cisco Spark’s Open APIs, come up with a hack that is both innovative and useful. It can be a chat bot or a solution that leverages Cisco Spark as a collaboration platform. To learn more the Spark APIs see https://developer.ciscospark.com/. For examples, see https://depot.ciscospark.com/bots. Our current internal favourite is kernel_zanders who helps us with our team’s fried chicken orders. https://github.com/haskalpa/docker-spark-bot-example makes it easy to get started with bot using Python and Docker. Come to our workshop to find out more. Good luck and let the best idea win!

Firstco - Most innovative hack incorperating transportation

Using your imagination, incorperate the topic of transport. You could make an app, displaying bus routes when you scan the frount of a bus, or using hardware to display tube line information. The outcomes could be endless!

Nexmo - Best use of Nexmo with a Bot

Hook up nexmo to one of the many ‘Bot’ platforms out there, such as Amazon Lex, Microsoft Bot Framework or Google Dialogflow. Get creative, you are free to use any platform you wish.

Starling Bank - The most innovative use of the Starling Bank API*

The Starling Bank Open Banking APIs give users the power to share and integrate their finacnial data. Build a hack that takes uses the data in new and interesting ways!

* - Including projects that don't relate to the Starling Bank APIs but are interesting projects for banking!


.tech are offering a prize for the best interactive website using a .tech domain.

Feel free to make an interactive website on a choice of your own topic. The website must be connected to a .tech domain (which are free for all attendees).

Amazon Web Services - Best Use of AWS

$30 Amazon Credit

Best Domain Name from Domain.com

Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essentials Kit

Best IoT Hack Using a Qualcomm Device

DragonBoard 410C + power source

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HackCity Team

HackCity Team

Charles Watson

Charles Watson
City, UoL

Aravin Naren

Aravin Naren
City, UoL

Stephen Haynes

Stephen Haynes

Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee

Judging Criteria

  • Great hacks!

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